Established in 2007, MAG.Archi is a visualisation studio operating internationally from two locations: Novi Sad and Strasbourg. We are a young team of 30+ architects and designers working closely together on creating high-quality visuals of future architecture.

The values we live by are respect, originality and excellence.



- No.1 reason why you’ve chosen to work with MAG?
- What sets MAG apart from the competitors?

  • Incredible work! Best creative experience ever; timely, well executed and one hell of the result. Would recommend MAG.ARCHI to anyone who is looking to revamp their identity. John K. Riley - ICADE

  • A five star agency without doubt. Hire them! John A. Adams - CREDIT AGRICOLE

  • Creativity redefined. These guys offer a unique approach to every aspect
    of design and the result is simply stunning. Jane Lariken - MONTEVRAIN

  • Design, design and redesign is their motto. Sartre won't stop until they have the perfect match between functionality and esthetic. Jack Tromso - EDOUARD DENIS


The MAG team is comprised of a young, creative and ambitious group of people from the fields of architecture, design and modeling.


FAQ about

How long does it take to create a render?

Each render is a story of its own. Depending on its complexity, it takes us on average 2-3 days per image.

How long does it take to create a video?

Videos (animations) take a bit longer as they are more complexed than renders. On average it takes 3 weeks to produce a 1min of a video.

How long does it take to create a master plan?

Master plans are more detailed than a regular interior or an exterior image therefore to create one it takes between 6 and 10 days.

How long does it take to create a 3D model?

3D model is a combination of a different rendering products including exterior and interior images, 3d floor plans and 360 rotation therefore it takes about a month to develop a product ready to be shown to the customers.

What programs are used for renders?

MAG.Archi uses 3dMax, V-ray, Corona, Lumion as well as a custom designed software for 3D models.

What are the prices of 3D products?

The price depends on the project requirement, its complexity and the time required for production. For further information reach out to us on

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